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February 2015

November 2014

October 2014

Flipped out

Original source: Metro Parent Education Guide 2014 The flipped classroom model subverts the idea that homework must be done outside of school time. Instead, students in flipped classrooms learn new material at home, outside of school [...]

Students across Clark County get new high-tech tools

Original source: The Columbian, Oct. 12, 2014 Tiffany McCormick picked up a student's world history textbook and flipped to the publication date: 2001. By now, the book itself seems like ancient history. Read the full [...]

March 2014

weLearn 1:1

Design II Showcase Goal Area: Flexible Learning In spring 2013, every sixth-grader at Alki Middle School received an iPad for learning. It was the beginning of the weLearn 1:1 rollout of digital tools to every third- [...]

February 2014

Vancouver Flex Academy at Lewis and Clark High School

Design II Showcase Goal Area: Programs of Choice Vancouver Flex Academy at Lewis and Clark High School is Vancouver Public Schools' newest program of choice. Recently, Principal Rob Duncan and teacher Katie Cunningham shared what’s [...]

September 2013

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