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iPad Apps, Google Apps, and Chrome Extensions in the classroom

Use this table of all VPS-approved apps. Simply download the spreadsheet and follow the directions at the top to search by keyword. You will find all the apps pertaining to your keyword search that are currently approved, along with the grade level(s) for which the app is approved.  You also will find a link to the app’s description in the iTunes store. Happy app hunting!

Each month we review app and extension  requests from teachers. Simply fill out the  VPS app request form. Be sure to fill it out completely; incomplete or vague requests will be denied. Be sure to include the correct URL for the app or extension you are requesting. If you are unsure how to find this, please follow the directions in the document called “How to find your app’s URL.”

All app and extension requests submitted by the end of the current month will be reviewed during the next month’s review cycle (e.g., an app or extension requested by Oct. 31 will be reviewed in November and either added to the catalog or play store, if approved, by Nov. 30 or you will be notified by Nov. 30 if your app or extension request is denied).

App and extension requests are reviewed by committees based on their function. For example, a science app would be reviewed by curriculum and instruction specialists, whereas an app addressing productivity would be reviewed by a committee of digital learning coaches.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, is a federal ruling regulating how websites, apps and online services handle the personal information of children under the age of 13. When reviewing apps, the approval committees must take this into account. You will not be expected to vet requested apps for COPPA compliance, but know that we will. If your app is denied because of  a COPPA violation, it simply means the app is not handling users’ personal information in a way that complies with COPPA. If you are curious to know more about COPPA, please see the checklist below.

Please note: Though we vet all apps in the App Catalog before approving them, it is a good idea for you to be familiar with COPPA to ensure that any websites that you ask your students to use are also in compliance.

COPPA checklist

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, outlines how student information can and cannot be shared, both in analog and digital formats. If you have any questions about how FERPA affects sharing student information in our increasingly digital environment, please take a look at this FERPA checklist.