During the implementation phase, all students will be part of an iPad bootcamp to orient to the device, learn digital citizenship and understand how to use the iPad in the classroom. Students who miss this orientation will be provided online and other support to ensure they are able to use the iPad effectively in their learning.

No. Some apps require Wi-Fi access, but many tools do not. If Wi-Fi is available at home or in other settings outside of school, students are free to connect to and use Wi-Fi outside of school.

Free Wi-Fi is available at locations throughout the Vancouver community. It also is offered on VPS buses and near the district’s mobile Family-Community Resource Center.

In response to concerns about health risks related to radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted from Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi devices, the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Department of Health conducted a review of documents on the topic published since 2000. The consensus conclusion of these documents was that there is no clear and consistent evidence that low levels of RF fields, such as those produced by Wi-Fi equipment, have any adverse health effects in people.

Yes. The student iPads are configured to provide internet filtering that is equivalent to what students have on the district network. Keep in mind that filtering does not take the place of responsible use and good digital citizenship by students. Common Sense Media has a wealth of resources to assist parents.

In addition to the iPad and pre-loaded apps, students will be provided a protective case, charger block and lightning port cable for charging.

Our experience with pilots and consultation with others suggest that external keyboards are not necessary in actual classroom practice. Students readily adapt to the iPad touchpad. If after some use a student wants to add an external keyboard, that would be acceptable.

In most cases, a stylus will not be provided with the iPad. Instead, students can purchase one of their own, either at a store or, in some cases, at the school.

The approved means for identifying the iPad is the use of a district-issued luggage tag with student name and school. Students may not decorate or individualize district-issued cases with stickers or other items. Students will be fined for the full replacement cost of the district-issued case for any modifications, damage or personalization to district-issued cases. Only stickers attached to the iPad by school staff are allowed.

No. The success of the 1:1 program is based on students having the same device, apps and functionality as other students. Teachers and students will use many apps that require access to internal district networks and are not available on other networks. We are exploring ways that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) might be possible in future years.

Some instructional game apps may be loaded on the iPads. These will be selected to supplement or reinforce specific learning. Students will not be able to add games to the iPads.

The iPads and apps are purchased to support student learning. We know that many parents want to play an active role in their child’s learning. At home, the iPad offers the family an opportunity to learn together in new and exciting ways.

Teachers and administrators can specify when and where iPads and other personal computing devices are used during the school day. Some teachers may permit their use while others may not, depending on the classroom schedule.

The iPads were selected for their ability to cultivate inquiry, investigation, play, creativity and collaboration. As long as students are not breaking district and school policies, they are encouraged to learn both in the classroom and at home.

Inappropriate use or failure to follow district policies and building guidelines may result in restrictions of student use, including loss of the device for a period of time. Use of the iPad and access to wireless networks is considered a privilege.

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