A technology levy, passed in February 2013, supports technology for student learning in Vancouver Public Schools. The technology levy is being used to upgrade computers and provide technology tools for all students in every school. Funding from the technology levy has allowed the district to implement a one-to-one initiative that puts computer devices in the hands of all students in third through 12th grades. The levy also pays for the following items:

  • Online learning space for student access to calendars, assignments and digital learning resources
  • Standard classroom equipment, such as interactive whiteboards, projectors, document cameras and amplification systems
  • Upgraded student computer labs for state and district testing and student projects
  • Training for teachers to integrate technology into teaching and learning
  • Network systems, hardware/software and technical assistance

The technology levy provides funding for six years. Technology levy amounts are $4 million for each of those years.

weLearn 1:1 will be implemented over the six-year levy period. Here is a summary of the implementation schedule:

Fall 2013
Alki and McLoughlin middle schools
Fir Grove/Vista Program
Lewis and Clark High School (laptops)
Vancouver iTech Preparatory (laptops)
All middle school teachers

Fall 2014
Discovery, Gaiser, Jason Lee and Jefferson middle school students
River, Fort, Bay and Skyview Ninth-Grade Academy students
All high schoolers and VSAA teachers

Fall 2015
All high schoolers and VSAA students
All fifth-grade teachers

Fall 2016
All fifth-grade students
All third- and fourth-grade teachers

Fall 2017
All third- and fourth-grade students