Instructional technology facilitator

Where did you grow up?

Lived in San Jose, California, until my freshman year of high school. Moved to Vancouver and went to Columbia River!

Where did you go to college?

U.S. Navy veteran, served eight years. Completed bachelor’s through Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program credits and my master’s through City University.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a teacher or work in education?

I was 10 and had an awesome teacher. I remember one day she came to class and she couldn’t talk. She wrote on the blackboard that her cat had died and she needed time to grieve. We were very good for her that day!

Why did you become a teacher or choose the field of education?

While in the Navy, I trained new sailors to our ship as well as the rest of the Reactor and Engineering departments. Out of all the jobs in the Navy, that was my favorite. Therefore, I wanted to continue to educate when I left the service.

If you were an app, which app would you be and why?

Find Friends, so I can know where my wife is at any given moment!