Instructional technology facilitator

Where did you grow up?

Portland, Bothell and Vancouver

Where did you go to college?

Washington State University Vancouver

What was your college mascot?


When did you first know that you wanted to be a teacher or work in education?

In college I had an amazing and inspiring history professor. He was knowledgeable, engaging and made interesting a subject that was previously boring to me.

Why did you become a teacher or choose the field of education?

For a long time I’ve wanted to inspire children through learning. Being an active part of my community and having a positive impact through my work is extremely important to me. Additionally, I have always been drawn to teaching and sharing knowledge. A career as an educator is the perfect job to bring these all together.

If you were an app, which app would you be and why?

SkyView-Explore the Universe, because I have always been an astronomy nerd and the fantasy of being able to travel through the stars has intrigued me. I enjoy stargazing and learning the constellations. This app brings stargazing to a whole new level! If I had the opportunity to travel through the stars, I would go for it!